Talking Barbie Dolls

Talking Barbie came in three talking variations all with different hair colors. In 1967 and two face molds; Barbie and Stacey. Talking Barbie was introduced  with a mid-back length ponytail tied with three pink grosgrain ribbons. She came in  blonde, brunette or redhead. In 1968, Talking Barbie received a new hairstyle with a nape-curl side bun also coming in the three color variations.

Barbie came with blonde hair, parted on the side with flipped ends and ringlets at chin level.  Her beautiful bun was held in placed with a band and she also had a long retractable ponytail.  She has deep blue eyes, rooted lashes and bright pink lips and blush.

Blonde Nape Curl Talking Barbie $135.00 VINT-TALKN004
Brunette Talking Nape Curl Barbie $85.00 VINT-TALKN006

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Talking Barbie Dolls

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