Barbie Sings! Record Book - EC




If you are a licensed product collector, this is surely something to be added to your collection! This item was on display in our Doll Attic Museum and is in EXCELLENT CONDITION with slight wear throughout the book due to age. Includes 3 mint vinyl records, one song on each side.

Barbie is sung by Charlotte Austin, bright new star of films, television, and records. Charlotte is the daughter of Gene Austin, the famous singer and composer of such hits as "My Blue Heaven." She's been in show business since she wa sa child, and has been under contract to 20th Century-Fox, where she started while still in high school.

Ken is played by handsome young Bill Cunningham. He was a track star in High School in San Francisco, graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portalnd, OR. He's appeared in films, stage musicals, night clubs, and TV shows including Dinah Shore and Ernie Ford.

Eliot Daniel and Ken Darby, who wrote and conducted the songs, are among the top musical talend in Hollywood. They've been working together since 1939, writing hit songs, film scores, night club material, radio, and TN shows. Ken Darby won two academy Awards, one for associate conducting on the film, "The King and I", plus dozens of other honors. Eliot Daniel received two Oscar nomincations for BEst Songs for "Lavender Blue" and "Never". He wrote the theme and scored "I Love Lucy" and "December Bride" on TV, plus many more. Eliot and Ken won the Photoplay Gold Medal for their scoring of "With a Song in My Heart". And both agree... BARBIE SINGS is among their best and most exciting work.

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Barbie Sings! Record Book - EC

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