Barbie's Mod Friends Dolls

Stacey was introduced in 1968 as Barbie's new cool Mod friend.  There were three different versions produced; a TNT and two different Talking Stacey dolls.  In 1969 PJ was introduced and was a hit.  She came in four different variations; Talking PJ, TNT PJ, Live Action PJ and Sunset Malibu PJ.

A year later in 1969 was the birth of the Truly Scrumptious Doll which came on a standard version body and also a talking body. 1969 also hailed the birth of on of Julia, based on the popular TV character played by Diahann Carroll. Julia came in both a TNT version and a Talking version.

The Mod Era also included Christie in 1968 who was the first African American Barbie sized doll. She was available as a TNT, Live Action, Talking and Malibu Christie. 

Walking Jaime was introduced in 1970 as a Sears Exclusive Doll and was a part of two giftsets exclusive for Sears; Strollin' in Style and Furry Friends Giftset.  She also was packaged and sold in her own special box aside from the giftsets.

Steffie, Barbie's friend was seen in 1972 and the head mold (very popular) is still in use as of today!  She was sold in three different versions; Busy Steffie, Busy Talking Steffie and Walk Lively Steffie. 

Miss America Barbie was offered in two different variations Walk Lively Miss America and Quick Curl Miss America.  The Miss America Barbie utilized the Barbie body and also used the Steffie face mold as well as the Barbie face mold. The Quick Curl was also offered by Kellogg's Cereal as a mail-in premium offer for $3.00. 

Talking PJ $80.00 VINT-PJ001
Talking PJ $70.00 VINT-PJ002
Twist 'n Turn PJ $75.00 VINT-PJ004
Twist 'n Turn PJ $75.00 VINT-PJ005
Twist 'n Turn PJ $85.00 VINT-PJ006
Twist 'n Turn Short Flip Stacey $145.00 VINT-STACEY003
Platinum Blonde Stacey $135.00 VINT-STACEY006
Blonde Twist 'n Turn Stacey $165.00 VINT-STACEY006A
Blonde Twist 'n Turn Stacey $95.00 VINT-STACEY006B
Titian Twist 'n Turn Stacey $130.00 VINT-STACEY007
Platinum Blonde Talking Stacey $120.00 VINT-STACEY012
Platinum Blonde Talking Stacey $130.00 VINT-STACEY013

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Barbie's Mod Friends Dolls

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