Color Magic Barbie Dolls


Color Magic Barbie was introduced in 1966 has the same face mold and body-type as American Girl Barbie. She had originally came packaged in a plastic box or cardboard version box with hair accessories and color-changing solution. Color Magic Barbie came in two different hair-color variations: Golden Blonde (which could be changed to Scarlet Flame)  and Midnight Black (which could be changed to Ruby Red) once the solution was added to her hair. These dolls are harder to find and some may have "high-color" make up which are generally more valuable.  To add to this unique doll, there were also variations offered in shades of Lemon Blonde and Platinum (Platinums are extremely hard to find and was recently discovered as a mail in premium doll).  Color Magic also had very alluring makeup ranging from a low color to high color, which add to this uniqueness.

Lemon Blonde Color Magic $395.00 CM-030
Platinum Color Magic $1,200.00 CM-032
Midnight Color Magic $595.00 CM-036
Platinum Color Magic $825.00 CM-127
Golden Blonde Color Magic $295.00 CM-128
Midnight Color Magic $450.00 VINT-CM002

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Color Magic Barbie Dolls

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