American Girl Barbie Dolls


The American Girl Barbie Doll which was introduced in late 1965 represents the peak of Barbie's glamour. Her splash and excitement created a lot of Barbie buzz as this doll had a new sleek hairstyle and bendable knees.  Going hand-in-hand with the 1600 fashions, American Girl Barbie is one of the highly-coveted Barbie dolls in vintage Barbie Collecting.  She had three different hairstyles, varying in lengths and is a highly sought after doll (especially the Japanese issued Side-Part American Girl Dolls).

Blonde American Girl $275.00 AGBL-024
Brunette American Girl $300.00 VINT-AGBR006
Titian American Girl $180.00 VINT-AGRH002

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American Girl Barbie Dolls

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